The Origin, Actor: Zhou Ziyi, Director& Editor: Cheng Guo, Cinematographer: Grey Chen, Lv Meng, Ma Ben
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The Origin | 原点
2013 Interactive installation, video

The Origin is an interactive light installation that is consisted of two sets of horizontal light beams perpendicular to each other in a smoke-filled space. These "tangible" light beams, which seemingly penetrating participant’s body, can track his movement and maintain his position as the origin by resetting this two-dimensional coordinate system of visual light according to participant’s movement. The general exterior features of participant have been weakened by the dark environment, whereas parts of his body are focused and highlighted by the beams, which aims to reveal his unique physical characteristics. The installation is trying to create an experience in which participant is inescapably positioned as the center of the system, undergoing a role transformation between the surveilled and the manipulator.

“原点” 通过四个光源在充满烟雾的房间内创造出一个如坐标系般的十字交叉,体验者在装置系统之中移动时,十字交叉的原点位置会随之移动。在黑暗的环境中四条光柱好似穿过人体,并放大了身体局部的行为细节。装置被动的对体验者的位置进行不断追踪定位,而体验者则无法逃脱光线的焦点,呈现出一种人与机器之间控制与被监视的微妙状态。

The Origin is part of Sinergia Project, in collaboration with TASML and SINLAB

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Special Thanks to Li Mengdie