Mouth Factory
2012 Apparatuses, videos, images

Mouth Factory consist of a series of functional machines specifically designed to be operated by the mouth. Through extending the capabilities and versatility of the mouth-a wondrous organ, it creates a cyborg that combines the producer and tool of production and ways of manufacture in fiction scenarios. As a comment on human enhancement, Mouth Factory reveals the aesthetics of manufacturing through a series of performative devices and it is trying to explore a new mode of production. By focusing on mouth, these manufacturing apparatus become an embodiment that renders and amplifies the interrelation between the human body and the tools.

人对于普通身体的观点受到社会文化差异、科技与文化变动合力的影响。当下的身体正处于无限多的情境可能与决定之间,这些不断生发的智能性或物质性的可能在持续的被普及化与媒体化。 “嘴工厂”即始于人体增强这个议题,其由一系列以嘴部行为驱动的机械和视频组成。藉由对嘴部已有行为能力的探索和扩展延伸,创造出一种结合生产者与生产工具的赛博格(Cyborg),塑造出存在于虚设情境之下的生产制造行为,进而探索人与机械间的界限与交互关系和新的生产方式,并展现出人体独特的生产和行为美学。

special thanks to Sebastian Noel, Onkar Kular, Boyd Costen(technical support)

"Mouth Factory" 5 Sequences- Director: Cheng Guo, Cinematographer&Editor: Grey Chen
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"Mouth Factory"Mouth workout- Director: Cheng Guo, Cinematographer/Editor: Grey Chen
(大陆访客观看视频请点击/ to view the video from mainland China please go to 优酷)

Chewing drill

Inhaling vacuum form machine

Teeth lathe

Tongue extruder

Blowing rotational molding machine

Patient with angle class III

Patient with over-eruption teeth

Masseter muscles by Yiyun Chen

Orbicularis oris muscles by Yiyun Chen

Tongue muscles by Yiyun Chen

Facial variation prediction