"Mouth Factory" 5 Sequences- Director: Cheng Guo, Cinematographer&Editor: Grey Chen
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Mouth Factory
2012 Apparatuses, videos, images

Mouth Factory is a series of functional machines specifically designed to be operated by the mouth of the user, Which includes Chewing drill, teeth lathe, tongue extruder, blowing rotomolding machine and vacuum form machines.

This project aims to explore the capabilities and versatility of mouth this wondrous organ and possible positive usabilities of negative body conditions. its relating facial expressions, re-contextualised within the realm of production. As a comment on human enhancement, Mouth Factory also reveals as well as the aesthetics of manufacturing through a series of performative devices. By focusing on mouth, these manufacturing devices become an embodiment that renders and amplifies the reciprocal relationship and effects between our body and our tools.


special thanks to Sebastian Noel, Onkar Kular, Boyd Costen(technical support)

"Mouth Factory"Mouth workout- Director: Cheng Guo, Cinematographer/Editor: Grey Chen
(大陆访客观看视频请点击/ to view the video from mainland China please go to 优酷)

Chewing drill

Inhaling vacuum form machine

Teeth lathe

Tongue extruder

Blowing rotational molding machine

Patient with angle class III

Patient with over-eruption teeth

Masseter muscles by Yiyun Chen

Orbicularis oris muscles by Yiyun Chen

Tongue muscles by Yiyun Chen

Facial variation prediction